LEGENDARY....Since 1970

A Plaque at the Entrance Reads... "The Safari Club was designed and constructed by Jorgans Construction Company in 1970.

We hope that you enjoy your visit in this unique club and further hope that you, your family and friends return time and time again. This is the only one of its type in the world today. It is owned by Park Enterprises and is managed by Mike Park.

This collection of outstanding trophies in this club was taken on 23 different hunting expeditions to six different countries through the world over a period of six years. The majority of trophies taken by world-renowned big game hunter Glen Park have now been entered in the World Record Books. Glen Park is the most active and outstanding hunter in the United States today.

It was Glen Park's idea to share these outstanding, beautiful trophies with the local citizenry by building a unique safari club."

The Safari Club has Changed Hands Since then. The Building was Sold, Some of the Original Animals were Removed, A Chinese Restaurant was Started & the Animal Exhibits Became Damaged, Dirty, Had their Claws Stolen, etc...

For over 40 years, the Safari Club has not only been an Estacada Landmark, but also a Destination for people from the Portland area & beyond. The Plaque from 1970 reads, This is the only one of its type in the world today"....and it REMAINS the only 1 of its type in the World 40+ years later.

Most of the Original Animals are Still at the Club (Many are in the Banquet Room which has been closed off during most business hours for years). As we were Negotiating the Purchase of the business in Aug., 2011 we learned that all of the animals had been sold & would be removed from the Safari Club. So, we made the Animals part of the negotiations in order to 'save' them & they will be staying where they belong...at the Legendary Safari Club.

From the New Owner, Cindy Smith... "I Bought the Safari Club because it's always been a very Special Place to me. I remember seeing it for the 1st time back in the 1970's & it was love at first sight. It was like 'Disneyland' to me & I was always bugging my parents to take me there when I was a kid. I know the Safari Club holds many memories for SO many of you, also. Come Visit us Soon & Remember, Kids are Now WELCOME until 9pm!"



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